• These rules have no loopholes. If you find a loophole in any of these rules, you will be banned for loophole exploitation.
  • I am not a babysitter. Children will not be tolerated. Children get banned. If you act like a child, you will get banned. No exceptions.
  • Do try to behave in an orderly manner. If you do not behave in an orderly manner, you risk getting banned.
  • Never get excited. Or angry. Or upset. None of these emotions have been known to promote coherent thought. If you are unable to form a coherent thought, you risk getting banned.
  • It is important to be able to tell the difference between an inanimate object and a living character. If you at any point confuse an inanimate object for a living character, you will be deemed unfit for editing due to possessing a mental disorder.
  • Hate speech and flame wars are for YouTube comments, poorly-made YouTube videos, DeviantART stamps, and Tumblr blogs. Hate speech and flame wars do not belong on this Wiki. If found, the page containing them will be deleted, and all users involved will receive an immediate ban.
  • Any and all sexual content will be deleted. Any users who post sexual content will be banned. The same goes for foul language.
  • Better Annoying Orange Wiki is not Annoying Orange Wiki. It should not be treated as such.
  • I am not a janitor. If you decide to create an article, please form halfway-decent sentences, use good grammar, and don't insert any trivia.
  • This Wiki does not use trivia sections, because trivia sections are overrated, and often used by incompetent users to post worthless information that either serves nobody, or could have easily been placed elsewhere on the page.
  • If at any point this Wiki transforms into a cesspool of garbage like Annoying Orange Wiki, all users will be banned, all pages will be deleted, and the entire thing will start over from scratch. So please, try not to do anything that would cause that to become necessary.
  • If you use the word "muhfuggin", you will be banned for attempted hostile takeover. Your sentence is permanent if "muhfuggin" is in the same sentence as "grapes".
  • No helper groups allowed. Helper groups always make things worse. Trust me.
  • Don't tell me how to run a wiki. I know what I'm doing. If you think you can run this wiki better than me, you can go start your own.

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