Welcome to the Better Annoying Orange Wiki

This is the Wiki that covers EVERYTHING Annoying Orange, from the shorts, to the merchandise, even the spin-off. This is the Better Annoying Orange Wiki, where useful Annoying Orange information is serious business.


The only Wiki that runs on all-natural snake oil!

This isn't Annoying Orange Wiki. This is a real Wiki. Better Annoying Orange Wiki has a few rules:

  • Only characters with a real role are allowed to have their own article. The rest are compiled onto List of Minor Characters.
  • Trivia on an article can't be obvious. For example, we don't allow "(X) is the Nth (Y) to appear in the series."
  • Knife is a character. Blender is not a character. Know the difference. Same goes for pretty much every murder weapon in the series.
  • Crossover characters don't get articles unless they appeared in Orange's series, and not vice-versa.
  • Characters with merchandise have said merchandise listed in their articles.
  • "X" and "Ghost X" are not separate articles.
  • Don't be a moron. Morons get banned.
  • Logic and order are the gospel.

This Wiki also uses common sense, and basic organizing skills. Just because it's an unintelligent series doesn't mean it deserves an unintelligent Wiki.






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